Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Spring! I sat down to write this about what we've been up to and just realized how very boring our lives are.  I feel like I should be blogging about skydiving with midgets or something really crazy and radical, not working and painting the kitchen. 
But no news is good news right? 

So we've been painting a bit, decorating a bit, and cleaning out our storage room.  Yep, I think those are the 'big' changes lately.  

Tyler & I started watching Dr. Who recently.  If you haven't ever seen it, go watch it now please.  It airs on BBC America, but is available on Netflix as well (as if anyone reading this is really going to watch it, but you know…maybe).   It doesn't get really good until the 2nd season when David Tennant becomes the star, but the first is still good enough to watch.  If you don't know what Dr. Who is about, just google it because I'm not ambitious/don't care enough to try to explain it here.  Just go see the cute David Tennant as the Doctor.  That's all I'm saying. His personality is just adorable.  I also love that it's a total family show-- none of the garbage that usually comes with hit shows (Glee, I'm talking to you.)  is on Doctor Who, and that's incredibly unusual for a show this successful.  It's great. Go watch it. 

That's about it! Glad I was able to post this before another year went by.  

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