Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011-Yearly Update

Another year has gone by! It's crazy how fast time flies, isn't it? Here's a recap of the year in photos:

Tyler Kayaking in Alaska

My cousins live up in Fairbanks, so I  visited them a couple of summers while I was growing up.  I convinced Tyler that he had to go up there, and we had a blast! This picture was taken as we floated down a slough in Fairbanks.  If you look closely, you can see the mama moose that we got just a few feet away from.

My fat face and my family! From left to right:  Scott (lives in Denmark), Jared, Ethan,  Mom Victoria, Jeremy, Zach, Me, and Dad Alex

This is Sophie Elise Tripp (notice the middle name??) getting photo bombed by my dog Loki.

I got a new car this year! No more Mazda3 for me.  I love this car.

Sophie absolutely adores Tyler.  Here they are hanging out during the summer at the Tripp house.

I cut my hair off after growing it out for 3 years.  Back to growing it out again!

Tyler went on a hiking trip with his brothers right after we got back from Alaska.  He was a bit of a mountain man for a couple weeks...

I painted Tyler's toes for him as he slept during the October General Conference. He didn't seem to think it was his shade, though.
Abby Tripp turned one this year!  She completely demolished her cake. 

As Tyler went to NYC with his brothers in October, I found another man to keep me company.  Meet Caesar..

I got really in to decorating our table this year.  This is the Thanksgiving arrangement.

Tyler and I were Zombies for Halloween.  Aren't we scary?
US Novelty bought a fun laser tag set.  This is Tyler's dad Randy, who was gracious enough to join us for a couple of games.  Yes, he's wearing a pimp hat.

Our Gingerbread Village

My favorite band, Anberlin, performed a free concert in SLC this December.  I was able to get pretty close before the mosh pits scared me away!
This was my dad's Christmas Tree this year.  I love it.

This was my Christmas tree!

It was a really fun year! Some other things that weren't pictured…
  • I got a job at the South Salt Lake Chamber  of Commerce in September, and love it! There are so many fun things I get to do and fun people that I work with.   I love my job.
  • My big brother Zach got married this August to a beautiful and sweet girl who fits in great with the family.  
  • My 'little sister', Whitney Tripp graduated from Alta High and started going to BYU.   
  • My big brother Jeremy moved back from New York (or was that last year?) Either way, I'm glad he's back home.  
  • My niece, Ava, turned 5! 
  • My mom released her book.  It's called 'A Piece of Time'.  I'm so proud of her! It's a great read. You can buy the book by clicking here.
I am probably forgetting a whole lot, so forgive me if I need to update this a few times (because that'll happen, right?).  

All in all, though, this year has been fabulous.  I can't wait to see what 2012 has in store.